Do not make a simple bot key, do not share your key with anyone. if someone know your key he can set your auto reply like that /gift his_id hug whenaver someone pvt bot id, cheater will get a free gift from you.

Swift RoomBot manual login
Swift LevelBot manual login
50centBot manual login
Change Roombot key
Change Levelbot key
Change 50centBot key
Bot system is completely changed now. Control your bot with following commands
BOT Commands

Add these IDs rbot-load3r || rbot2-loader for RoomBot. We appreciate you use manual login for your bot as it is more secure. after login you can send all these commands to your own bot id to control your bot
Write this command in pvt window of above ID:
_login BotKey bot_id password
bot_id will login with this command. password parameter is needed only once. Afterwards dont enter password
Be carefull while entering password. Do not write password to some other id. And note again you just need to enter password once. after that just use '_login botkey username' command
you may put ? signs in password so that mig does not stop your password. for example if your password is abcd you may enter a?b?cd etc
NOTE: All other commands must be written to your own bot ID
Presence change

_pres BotKey presence
Where presence is online,offline,busy or away
Mute Command

_mute BotKey
This command will stop sending auto texts in chat room. Writing this command again will unmute your bot
Auto blog post Command

_autoblog BotKey on/off
write on to turn on or off to turn off auto blog posting
Auto status change Command

_autostatus BotKey on/off
write on to turn on or off to turn off auto status change
Auto follower Command

_autofollower BotKey on/off
write on to turn on or off to turn off auto followers
Room change for RoomBot

_room BotKey room
room name will be updated and your id will chat in new room afterwards. use '_room BotKey' to disable room chat
Autoreply text

_reply BotKey auto_reply
this command will update your autoreply text. use '_reply BotKey' to disable auto reply

_logout BotKey
Your bot will logout
See links on top of this page to control your bot with old method